Thursday, March 25, 2010

Girl’s Day

A lot of people think that when you live in Florida, you go to the beach. When actually, most of the time you can go months with out even stepping foot near a beach. There’s something about it, maybe it’s the hassle of traffic or the fact that most of us aren’t on a vacation like the rest. We have jobs to tend to, houses to upkeep, families to feed and so on and so on.

So the other day when my sister proposed an idea to have a girls day at the beach with just us sisters and Mom, I thought it was a brilliant idea. I am always up for people watching down here on Spring Break.

spring break 290 copy

We had an iced coffee and sat on the boardwalk and people watched, then had lunch at our favorite beach front restaurant, The Cottage. Then afterwards hung out at the beach bar for hours talking, laughing and just enjoying the AWESOME weather. 

spring break 307 copy

It was just nice to get out and take advantage of the fact we are all in one city, right now at this very moment and not for something tragic or ill. Thank God.

spring break 312 copy

And now I am cursing myself for the sunglasses racoon look. Ahhhh! Never fails!


*Belle* said...

i know what you mean about never going to the beach. I've been in Va for the past 4 years and i have gone to Va beach maybe 3 times even when i only lived 10 min from it. Hope you are having a good time and i'm praying for you.

jludwig said...

Sounds like a great day! Looks like the weather was absolutely awesome! It was so great here in MO last Friday, a few of us girls spent several hours at the dog park (i'll tell you it's no beach, but still fun) and then the following Sunday we had snow and freezing rain. Really Missouri? This state never ceases to amaze me!

Also, congrats on having your family in one location! I bet it's wonderful, my brother is moving back to Columbia, Mo this summer and I can't wait! It's been 10 years since we've been in the same city!

Shannon said...

Fun, fun, fun!

I have to make a point to get out to the beach every few weeks and I'm always so glad when I do. As a matter of fact I'm having lunch at the beach this weekend. Yay Laguna Beach and yay for 80 degrees this weekend!

Lauren said...

What a FUN day! I need a good beach day (or weekend) very soon!

Andrea said...

How incredibly sweet that you all were able to "create some memories". I always love the feel of my toes in the sand, its like no other...soothes the soul :)

Glad you had that Girl's DAY out!


Brie said...

haha! I too, live within minutes of the beach here in California, and rarely go. Hubby surfs every Fri-Sat-Sun so he's one of the few that does actually utlize our location to full advantage. I had to laugh, because your sis in the dress...I have it in BLUE! lol. I should go shopping with you girls..I seem to think we'd get along quite well (=

Marie W said...

Love the new look! I can't tell you the las time I went to the beach.

Abri said...

I LOVE the new layout!!!! It is fabulous! I'm glad you had a great time at the beach... makes me wish I lived somewhere pretty!

Maggie said...

It is great to get out and enjoy the day! So glad you were able to! And I'm loving your new look!!!! Looks fantastic! XO

cmatsukes said...

You all look great it is great you got to spend some time together.
I am proud you are my nieces.