Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

  • I forgot what it's like to wake up with the window open and see palm trees. Our window is usually shut with the black out curtains up. But I fell asleep with the window open, it was just too cold nice out. It looks warm doesn't it? HA! I'm over here wondering if it's going to warm up here in South Florida any time soon.

  • Did Jake really pick Vieanna? I guess so. Either way, I would have felt bad for either girl, he 'looooooved' both and didn't even KNOW who he wanted to marry when he picked rings out. The man I married at least KNEW he wanted to marry me before he decided to ask. And here is this for a thought:
  • What airline does Jake fly for? Cuz if he is this bad of a decision maker, I'd like to make sure I'm never on his plane.(BustedKate)
  • Chris claims he knows why we don't 'fight'. Before you go gag, we DO fight. But we don't have the screaming matches, slamming of the door fights, leave for the night fight. Why? I don't know... we just never have in 7 years. I know they say fights are GOOD in a marriage. But if you spend a weekend with us, you will notice how much we bicker or pick on each other. Chris claims this is the secret to a marriage. He thinks because we laugh when we get annoyed and start making fun of each other, that it doesn't build up frustrations. I guess I'll go with it. This all stems from his grumpy ass waking up this morning and stemming a 20 minute car ride of insults (seriously- it's funny), it was hilarious.
  • In all seriousness, we love each other. And if we have gotten through the past year, we can make it through anything.. I hope.

  • I'm in love with my new anchor shirt that I am wearing today. Thank you to the person that kindly informed me that Charlotte Russe had a huge nautical selection. You made Chris' day when I came out with a bag of new shirts. HA!

  • Speaking of Red/Blue & Anchors stuff... I am still in awe of my AWESOME new Coach bag. My Coach Outlet find for $110, original price..... $398!!! I fell in love with this Blue bag! I am head over heels for it! Lame, right? I know it's a 'loud' bag, but I don't care... it's ME!!- or at least the new ME.

Before it was mine
AFTER it was mine!

  • My parents officially transplant for a 2nd time to Florida today!! They should be here in less that 3 hours. I wonder how it will be living in the same city as them again. Last time they lived in the state, I lived WITH them! This will be a fun change and I'm excited to have my family back.

  • Can't wait to see what the new blog design will look like. It should be launched this month. I wanted something with Nolan, our Family and still have it suited for the future with out steering away from the reason THIS blog was started in the first place.

  • Guess I need to get a move on and announce this giveaway, maybe I will go work on that now.


The Blue Sparrow said...

You are so right, I love the bag! I think we must have very similar shopping personalities b/c I love the shirt too!

u_talk2much said...

I have a question for you! As a daughter who is actually the 2nd born but appears to be the first child. Mind you I am 38 now and have children of my own. I was thinking about mothers day and was thinking about getting my mother a birthstone ring with her childrens birthstones in it. Should I put my brothers birthstone on that ring as well? What do you think and how would you feel?

Jill said...

I love the shirt and bag! Can't wait to see what the new blog design will be! : )

The Ramirez Family said...

I love the bag and the shirt. I'm really excited to see the new blog and did I hear giveaway???? Well I can't wait.

Bluebird said...

Love the bag and the shirt - so glad you treated yourself! Now to just get those beautiful flip flops :)

And I 100% agree - you two can make it through anything. DH and I say it often - our experiences either bring a couple together or tear them apart. I really don't see how there's a middle ground! You've made it this far so you're good to go, in my ever so humble opinion ;)

Maggie said...

Oh I love the shirt and bag!! Who doesn't love Coach?! Especially...Coach outlet! I'm a big fan too. :)

Danielle said...

Very cute shirt and bag!

You are more than welcome to borrow any wording or whatever you'd like from my blog and invitation! Glad you liked it so well. I ordered it from mygoodgreetings.com and they have some really cute stuff. You should probably be able to find something nautical themed if that's what you want... like I said, they have a ton to choose from :)

Tiffany said...

I crossed your blog yesterday while doing the Blog Parade from 32nd Street. Then this morning after reading a post on Danielle's page I found myself on your blog again. Just a coincidence or is it fate?

Bickering is just as good as arguing, if not better.

Carly said...

Your bag is awesome! It will look good on your shoulder!!!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Oh I love that anchor shirt. Anything nautical really.

Mrs G said...

Love the shirt and bag! LLBean has a nautical line also!

Lareina said...

I was looking for a locket for me to put a picture of Kaelen in and I ran across this locket on etsy and thought of you...


kanishk said...

I love the shirt too!
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