Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Tuesdays

  • Going to the beach on Thursday and having lunch at the restaurant next to the party hotel just to people watch. I'm getting old, I used to be at that party.
  • Am I really ready for my first senior photo shoot on Friday? At least my Senior will make it easy.
  • Wonder how many points are in a full bag of Mini Cadbury Eggs, actually I really don’t want to know, I just finished off the bag with a little of Chris’ help. They really are crack.
  • Being a night shifter sucks when you run out of DVR shows and nothing is on the 600 channels you have at 4am. Life of a night shifter..hmm maybe I should do a post on that lifestyle, that would be fun.
  • How do I write my sons life in a blog post? Such a short life, but so much to be said.
  • What sidebar titles to I need? I need to figure this out, my new look goes live real soon!
  • Neesy Nash cracked me up on DWTS tonight, I love how she embraces her curves. Now if I could only do the same. Not a fan of Kate but loved the Pussy Cat girl. And Pam, well she is going to be a frisky one this season.
  • God I love Spanx, if they made a bathing suit… I would own it. Oh WAIT.. they DO! But how does it help if its a low rise bikini? Please enlighten me on this one.
  • Those nautical flip-flops are a must have! Summer is coming and I NEED them, it’s been a cold winter here in Florida so I haven't wore flip flops allllll winter looong (lie) LOVE THESE!
  • I feel better after this post, the one I have been drafting all night left me emotionally drained.


Terra H. said...

I'm a fan of Cadbury chocolates too. They are oh so yummy! Happy RTT.

Lauren said...

Love random thoughts! :)

Shelly said...

Here in Virginia it was high 70's over the weekend and everyone was breaking out the flip-flops.

I hate running out of DVR'd shows. Mainly because I hate watching commercials.

Julie from Momspective said...

I'm a night shift stalker. I Twitter and Facebook. So much so that I have a BUILD UP on my DVR. Issues, I have issues.

I am Harriet said...

600 channels of infomercials. I can totally relate.

Have a great Tuesday!

CaJoh said...

Stopping by from the Un Mom.

Cadbury must mean crack in some language right…

600 channels and nothing to watch. They need to have better programs on at that time.

Thanks for your randomness,

♥ Kathy said...

I'm a major night owl too :) Happy RTT!

Maggie said...

I love your random thoughts today! :) XO