Monday, August 24, 2009

Books & Tats

I should be going to Barnes and Noble to get books on baby's first year or parenting books, but instead I am going there to get the book "90 Minutes in Heaven". This book was suggested by another baby loss mama and she said it really helped her with the grieving process. My other near dear friend said after she lost her son, she read a lot of books on Heaven because she wanted to know everything she could about where her sweet angel was spending his time. So getting this book and maybe a few others will help me understand and cope with what has happened. I do think it is extremely unfair I am going to get books about my baby dying vs a book that helps me parent through the first year. I hate this! I hate this! and did I say... I freaking hate this!

On a totally different note, Chris is going to go get his tattoo today of the anchor he has been wanting. A few close friends donated some cash to help him get his tattoo shortly after Nolan. I can't wait to see how it turns out. And for some shocking news.......(brace yourself Mother)...I *MIGHT* get one too. I have NEVER been a tattoo type person, but always thought it would be cool to get one. But I was always worried about regretting it, but with the meaning behind this one, how could I regret it? It would be in honor of my precious Nolan. So if I do this, it will be a very small one on my inner wrist. Why inner wrist? Its small and a lot of people will see it, and when they ask about it, I will be given the chance to talk about my sweet Nolan. That's honestly the whole reason I am actually considering this. So I have a few ideas of what I want, obviously including an let's see if I end up chickening out.

P.S. Don't hate me Mom!


Kimberly said...

90 minutes in heaven is a great book. Good luck with your decision on the tattoo, it sounds like a great idea.

Kaitlyn said...

I think a tattoo would be wonderful.

Rachel H. said...

I think that's a great idea, and I hope you enjoy the book.

Bree said...

I feel the same way about tattoos. Never been interested in getting one. After my dad died, I thought of maybe getting a small one for him, but didn't. And, now I really want for Ella. I was thinking of the inner wrist too, for the same reason. I want people to be able to see it. I don't like any of my other body parts enough to show off a tattoo. :) I would like to just get Ella's name or possible do one of her hand prints. What would you do?

Have you read "An Exact Replica of A Figment of My Imagination?" It's not a self-help book, it's a memoir written by a woman who lost her baby at term. I really liked it. I also recommend, "The Blessing of A Broken Heart." It has some Jewish references (and, I'm not Jewish), but the author who's son was murdered finds a beautiful way to honor him.

Lisa (Jasper's Mommy) said...

I alway felt the same way about tattoos myself, until we lost Jasper that is. Everyone especially my husband can't understand why I want to get one for my son. I want to get it on my outer ankle and I want "his" footprints along with his name and dates. I can't wait to get it done.

jamie said...

I have heard great things about 90 minutes in heaven - I need to read that. I like your idea on where you want to get your tattoo. I am doing my outer wrist with Vincent's footprints - not now but eventually.

I agree - how could you regret it?