Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heaven Sent Message

We went to church today and I am so thankful we did.
Today Father Pat talked about Heaven and Hell...I automatically started to get tears in my eyes because I think of Nolan up in Heaven. Well he ended up doing a baptism on a little baby girl. It was just so symbolic to me. I am so thankful we were able to get Nolan baptised right away in the hospital. Aunt Mary made sure that a catholic priest came and baptised him in his first 2 hours of life. I was still in recovery at the time. We gave our son everything in our power. So when Father Pat was talking about baptism and heaven it just made me look up and be thankful we wwere able to do that for Nolan. Plus watching the ceremony was so sweet and I can't wait to bring Nolan's little brother or sister to church to have the same thing done one day in the future. Hopefully this time it won't have to be done in the NICU.

After mass we walked over to the Memorial Garden to visit our baby Nolan. We sat there for a few minutes and just as we were about to leave, another family approached us. The mother hugged me and said she has been keeping us in their prayers and then she goes on to tell us a story. She said that her 2 kids visit Nolan every time they come to visit their family member and they say a prayer. She said her 3 year old noticed we had left a Ernie Police toy car there for sometime. (It's now a firetruck- we switch his toy our often) Anyways, she said later on that night her son was ripping apart his toy box and she asked him what he was doing and he said he was trying to find a toy to bring to the little baby at the church. So she said not to be surprised if we find Nolan with a new toy one day, it would most likely be from him.

::Tears:: It was so thoughtful and the sweetest story of how Nolan has touched even a little 3 year old. Chris and I thanked them and left. As we were driving away the family's children were standing at Nolan saying a prayer. It just brought tears to my eyes that so many people truly
care about strangers.

This all comes after a semi rough morning grieving Nolan before we left for church. I guess this is what I needed, some happy thoughts of Nolan in a disguised way. I get told everyday by strangers that our story has touched them in some sort of way but to actually meet a "stranger" in person and get a hug from them means the world to me. Thank you to everyone that has taken their time to send us cards, write us an email or even send a text. Just to know you are thinking about us or Nolan really helps us. I may not have responded to everyone but it's overwhelming (in a good way) when you get so many things and thoughts sent our way. We appreciate it all very much. I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge everyone I have yet to respond to.


Shannon said...

What a sweet story about the little boy. I'm sure Nolan is realizing how he has touched so many.

Laura said...

what a beautiful story! Amazing how God works!
Even the smallest child has been touched by Nolan's life...remarkable! He is TRULY a miracle!
*continued prayers*

cmatsukes said...

Maybe this is Gods message to you that you to will have a another little boy in your life Nolans brother. How sweet it is that he touches so many he truly was here for a reason that is coming clearer each day. My Mom too now will also watch over your little one she was so sorry for your loss.
Nolan was truly an incrediable miracle and now an incrediable ANGEL in heaven touching lives in so many ways.

Valerie said...

I just wanted you to know that I continue to keep your family in my prayers. ((HUGS))

Fanny said...

I am so touched by this love you are getting from stragers.
Your little miracle will forever continue to live in the many hearts he touched.

Donna said...

Little children are so wonderful. They have no fear of death and are able to accept it as part of life. I hope that little boy does bring your son a toy. My husband took some seashells from our vacation to our daughters grave yesterday.