Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm tagged

It's my first time getting tagged and I am so excited!!

Here are the rules to this tag:
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2. List 6 little things that make you happy.
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There are a lot of things that make me happy so I will have to narrow then down. So here they are :)

1. My Husband- Chris
They say opposites attract and that sure is the truth. Chris is my perfect balance. I am hyper, crazy wife and he is the laid back, easy going husband type. He makes me so happy. I am so happy that we are on this journey together because he IS my best friend. I tell him absolutely everything. He is my rock in life. He knows how to make me smile, pick me up on a bad day, and enjoy life to the fullest together. I am so happy we are able to spend the rest of our lives together. He also gave me the greatest gift, our son Nolan.
2. My precious angel, Nolan
I always thought the saying, you have never loved as much until you have loved your child. And HOLY COW it is so the truth. Our son, Nolan makes me so happy because he taught me unconditional love. I never knew of this love before, it is a different love than you have for your Husband or family. Thinking of him may make me happy & sad, but that is only because I wasn't ready for him to go to heaven. But those 3 days he was here, I was the HAPPIEST mother. My son makes me happy because I KNOW one day we will be together again and I WILL be able to hold him in my arms. He makes me happy because, he made me a mother that I have been longing to be.

3. Our Church & My Faith
Our Church, Blessed Pope John XXIII makes me happy. I have not always been the best Catholic because I rarely went to church but that has now changed. Our church accepted us with open arms like we had been a part of their family for years when Nolan went to Heaven. I now go to Church every week and it really does make me happy. It's bizarre how every week something gives me a sign that I will get through this. My faith will get me through this hard time and I DO have faith we will be parents to a healthy baby one day.

4. Cruising
There's something about getting on a huge boat and floating around in a huge body of water that makes me happy. Chris and I are absolute cruise addicts. I guess it helps that we live 2 hours from the port so it's an easy vacation. But cruising means a lot to us. It was our first vacation ever together in 2003. We got engaged on a cruise. We got married by the Captain on another cruise and started our family on that very same cruise. Our life is cruising! Our dream, we would LOVE to go on the world cruise that's gone for months traveling to places all over the globe.

5. Photography
It's a new hobby of mine. I have plans to turn it into a mini career one day when I get better. I would love to photograph families and weddings. I have always been the camera whore at parties but now that I have better equipment, I have a chance to make this a business one day. It makes me so happy when I take a photo and the person absolutely falls in love with it. I can't wait to capture peoples memories and document special times in their lives.(A photo I took from Kate's wedding)

6. My Career
Honestly, my job does make me happy, and the fact I have a job in this economy also makes me thankful. I am glad I chose a career that I do love. Being a respiratory therapist is a very rewarding job. I'm sure the fact that most my best friends also work with me make it that much better.

I'm adding one more... because I can.
My Mom, Dad, sisters and brother and my in laws all make me happy. My family can always make me laugh and regardless the situation, they know how to make me feel better. And to my friends (Internet friend especially) I love you guys soooo much! You cheer me up on bad days, and make me laugh on good days. Your support through the past month and a half had been outstanding. All the flowers, cards, keepsake jewelry and money raised for us and for Nolan's fund has been AMAZING! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You guys sure do know how to make me smile.

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Alison said...

So cool!! I will do it in the next few days! Thanks!!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the "tag". I'll post it tonight! :)

April said...

Just stopped to see who I was praying with this morning for baby stellan.

I so beautiful to hear how your little man has touched your life and your heart so deeply. I know it was the hardest thing you have ever had to live through - But if God would have given you a choice to do it over again knowing you would only have those 3 days with Nolan - I am sure you would have said yes in a heartbeat.

yeshu said...

it's such a beautiful blog. . cheers!