Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NICU day 1

Chris's hand and Nolans leg
My hand and Nolan

Day 1
Little Nolan sure is fighting, one day at a time. He's all but 10.5in long but he sure knows how to kick all over the place. He has been "stable" according to the neonatologist. He said it because we are "doing everything" for him. The day started off with a call this morning at 430am to give consent for his first blood transfusion. The nurse practitioner said he would need it for his O2 delivery & they said his oxygen carrying carrying capacity was low. The ventilator is still breathing for him and it will be that way until he learns to breath on his own, which will be for some time. So that was his first road block to a map of many. Just now I was up there visiting out little man and they started him in Dopamine to help his blood pressure.

We were able to touch him today and hold his little legs close to his body. He also held our fingers, his hands are SO tiny! It was so neat to see how we were able to calm him with our touch and the nurse was able to wean his O2 a bit while we were there. He is also wearing his "Oakley" sunglasses just like his Dad. His Bilirubin levels are normal for a full term infant but they like to take precautionary measures and put him under photo-therapy (blue lights).

I'm still admitted to the hospital since 1. I had a c-section and 2. My labs are still all out of whack. It is nice being able to jump in a wheel chair to see our little one. Well not nessesarly "JUMP" I am in quite a lot of pain. I know the next few months we will make MANY of MANY trips to the NICU.
I just want to say thank you for all the prayers that have been sent our way. The flowers everyone is sending are gorgeous and we are thankful for everyones continued faith and encouragement. It really all comes down to taking one day at a time. It's all we can really do.


Katy said...

Brett and I are thinking of you all constantly, but, you know that. Continued thoughts and prayers....he looks so sweet.

Kimberly said...

So tiny! I am glad you are both getting to see him. Continued prayers coming your way. Hope your recovery is going good as well.

Blair said...

What a tiny miracle :)

I hope you are recovering well!