Friday, June 5, 2009


We need your help! We still have NO name and this baby needs a name.
If you know me, you all know I have been in love with the name Nolan since day 1. Chris isn't too fond of it for 2 reasons...

1. Our dog is named Nola. we named her after the FSU Seminoles 6 years ago
2. Our favorite college team is, duh Florida State Seminoles.

NOW, I never ever thought about this when I came up with the name Nolan. We even asked his best friend Hunkins who went to Florida State and him and his girlfriend didn't think twice about it.

We never call Nola by her name...she gets called 50 other million names...Goober, Crap for brains, Numnuts, Nina Noo... So its not like Nola is going to be around in 50 years to haunt the baby because his name is similar, right?
So I gave up on this name because I knew Chris would never ever ever give in.

Chris's favorite name is Christopher Joseph D III, and we would call him Trey. It's the closest name we come anything close to agreeing on. We even kinda started calling the baby Trey. It's not a bad name by any means. It's been our front runner the past few months since it's honestly the ONLY name we semi agree on.


Then I found out that Nolan means "little fighter" and that is exactly what he is and it's what everyone refers to him right now! The name is so fitting. So we want your opinions on your thoughts.

Do you think it would be weird if ONE DAY we were going to a FSU football game and the kid was wearing an FSU shirt and some guy says... Oh whats your kids name? And we respond...Nolan? (Because I am soooo sure this will happen)

I'm putting up a poll to the right to get what you guys all think. Be honest. Feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

nolan all the way! it is perfect for the little guy!!

Adam said...

I like Nolan, and it fits too!! As far as it being weird in the future I don't think it friends who are Cub fans named their kids Addison(street Wrigley Field is on), and in that's dedication!! haha

Shaina N said...

Nolan! I'm all for naming a child for the meaning of the name, especially when its your favorite.

I've loved Keevia for YEARS. I found out it meant "beautiful" and that's what my name (Shaina) means. I have wanted to name my daughter that for literally years. We found out on Monday that we're having a girl... and we're naming her Keevia Lynn, which means "Beautiful Light".

I think "little fighter" is a WONDERFUL meaning, and a wonderful name!

Mrs. G said...

nolan nolan nolan!

Eleise said...
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Eleise said...

I love Nolan! I think it is perfect for your little guy, especially after hearing the meaning of it.

Laura said...

Nolan is PERFECT