Thursday, June 4, 2009


Seriously, everyday is a roller coaster to is running minute by minute even. I guess it's preparing us for the NICU life we will soon endure. Which we are hoping this baby grows a littl more to make it to that step.

We went to another Fetal maternal appointment. It's one of the bi-weekly scheduled ones. It started with the ultrasound tech asking if she could take an extra look at the heart. She said she knew I never made it to the cardiologist yesterday so she figured what was the harm.

She said she thinks we should get prepared for some good news because things are looking pretty decent. She thinks the enlarged heart is due to the placental insufficancy requiring the heart to overwork and grow bigger. She said the lung cavities are developing which is good. So we were crossing our fingers that the Dr would be optimistic on the heart too. She remeasured my amniotic fluid and she got a measurement of 6.9 So it has doubled in 3 days, thank god. Anything under 8 is critical but at least I am climbing back to where I was.

The Dr then came in. Keep in mind its the first time he had seen me so he is going off a lot of todays ultrasound and my chart. He said he is most concerned with his heart right now. He really needs me to go to a certain cardiologist in Tampa ASAP. He said we can't wait to see the local one that was SUPPOSE to happen yesterday and got rescheduled for next Wed. He promised this is one of the best in the SW area. He wants to rule out a VSD and Tetrolgy of Fallot. He is suspecting TOF because of a slightly enlarged aorta. So he must suspect something that either the u/s tech didn;t pick up or he is considering all my previous appointments and charts. He said he has treatment plans in mind for both but they both differ. We are all hoping the heart is ok and the u/s tech was correct.

Sooo, Monday we drive up to Tampa to see the cardiologist then right back to Ft Myers to see Fetal Maternal specialist right after. He did say I might be admitted next week for daily monitoring of the doppler flows in my uterine arteries but it all depends on what the cardiologist says. As of now, I'm still on bedrest, but I'm hoping its helping with my fluid levels as it seems to be.


Katy said...

Okay, this good? I sure hope so. ((hugs))

Mrs. Goodson...Woo Hoo!! said...

That is good news & thank goodness there are so many wonderful doctors to get you through this rocky road. Good Luck on Monday & as always my thoughts & prayers are with you & your family.