Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nolan's Memorial Service

Nolan's Memorial Service
Friday, June 19th

13060 Palomino Lane
Ft Myers, Fl 33912

We would love for anyone to come celebrate Nolan's life with us. He was a very special boy. We just ask that nobody wears black. Nolan's favorite colors were Navy Blue and Red. But Nolan was not a fan of black. We want to celebrate his life instead of mourn a death.


cmatsukes said...

Oh Ashley I wish I could be there with you guys but it is impossible with work and my mom the way she is right now. But you will be receiving something for nolan at the house and at the memorial. Just know I will there in spirit. Love you both Aunt Chris.

Nicole said...

Ashley, I wish I could be their to help you guys celebrate Nolan's life. But know that we are all still keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

tiara said...

I'll be there to celebrate your wonderful little boy.

Tara said...

Ashley and Chris, I will be there with love and prayers.

Trista & Chris said...

I have been following your story through thebump. I'm all the way on the other side of the country but wanted you to know I'd be there in spirit, celebrating the life of your precious little one. Praying for you all. Trista

Ashley said...

I will be there in spirit. You're strength amazes me. I hope everyone shows up in sailor attire and ruby slippers.